Why Should You Opt For GitShip? What Makes It Different?

Jun 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Let’s first start with why version control system is important today? Well, a version control system helps a software team to track, compare, and manage changes to source code over time. They maintain a history of all the code changes under different versions and keep the workflow organized through various types of releases.

No doubt, there are several ways to develop software without a version control system, but doing so can pose huge risks to your project that no professional team ever wants. While working on a project, a lot of changes and edits are made during the course of development; keeping track of all these modifications usually proves beneficial at the later stages, which can be achieved with the help of version control software. Though there are a number of such systems available out there, there are features that make GitShip standout.

image Credit: pxhere.com

GitShip is a web-based version control system that comes with the most affordable pricing, offering both distributed version control and source code management. Besides having all the standard features, this system offers special bug tracking, task management, 24/7 support, issue tracking, and feature requests. It is a collaboration platform that serves as a community space to share your work, see your team’s work, complete code reviews and connect integrations.

Here is the list of its features that make it different:

There are a number of interesting features imbibed in the GitShip version control software that makes it easier for teams to complete projects and deliver results within time.

•Pull Requests: It’s easy to navigate pull request system allows the developers to discuss the changes introduced to the GitShip repository. Once a pull request is placed, the other developers in the team can see the code and make changes as per requirements.

•Issue Tracking: This system lets the developers to point out various bugs or issues within the codebase and finally make changes to fix the problems so that the software can function smoothly.

•Pipelines: Complete transparency is maintained in relation to the code pipeline status throughout the project and here the developers can review the status of each step in the pipeline.

•Storing Large Files: This application lets you handle files at scale and of different types such as audio, video, and graphics.

•Secure Two Factor Authentication: This system only allows user access post successful presentation of two or more evidence through the authentication process.

•Analytics: This allows you to get real-time statistics on your codebase. This can result to additional information about the processes of development.

A range of other benefits that you can enjoy:

•GitShip works like a basic showcase for the developers who want to show their work to other companies. This system can add to the visibility of the developers and increase their chances of getting hired by top companies. Even the companies can easily access a developer’s codebase to get an idea about their previous or ongoing works.

•This is a highly secure system that ensures complete security and privacy of your projects. Apart from this, it also improves the chances of better collaboration and quality finished product. GitShip further automates code analysis, licensing, dependency scanning, security testing, and a variety of other features.

•Being the central location for the entire development process, GitShip provides both the social environment and version control system, making the development process fun-filled and better collaborative.

•In it, the repositories are monitored constantly for malware and work to prevent adware to be bundled along with project downloads without the consent of the original developers.

With everything backed up on the cloud, there is no information loss and you get to work on multiple files and dependencies in a simplified way. All this makes GitShip a worthy version control system which is not just affordable but one of the easiest to use web-based interfaces.

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