I had very similar experiences with Vinted.

I tried Vinted first and made a few sales after they ‘raided my closet.’ Then nothing! So I switched to Poshmark and had brisk sales for about 6 weeks. Then Poshmark dropped off too and I see maybe 1 or 2 sales a month. I’m just trying to clear stuff out of my closet so this is ok. I think Poshmark’s sharing algorithm works a lot better than Vinted’s does — on Vinted, if you can’t get your item in front of that many eyes, then sales will be slow. With Posh, there’s parties and a constant feed.

I have also spent more on Posh and nothing on Vinted. I haven’t noticed this correllating to any sales — but it is easier to convince myself to buy something on my likes list when I have credit (from my own sales) just sitting in the account.

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