Best Gitter channels: Bitcoin & Blockchain

Bitcoin has gone from underground to over-hyped in a very short period of time, while the really exciting thing about this virtual currency is the technology behind it, which stands as proof of all the transactions on the network — blockchain. Some even call it the most important invention since the Internet itself! Blockchain is a type of decentralisation technology which will fundamentally change the way our financial services, industries and government operate. It is based on a powerful idea — placing one’s trust in a network and not in a single entity like a government or a bank. Check out some of the most interesting channels dedicated to Bitcoin and the blockchain technology on Gitter & join the conversation!

  • Ethereum — Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. These apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property. This enables developers to create markets, store registries of debts or promises, move funds in accordance with instructions given long in the past (like a will or a futures contract) and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middle man or counterparty risk.
  • BigChainDB— Scalable blockchain database, BigchainDB combines the key benefits of distributed DBs and traditional blockchains, with an emphasis on scale. Rather than trying to scale up blockchain technology, BigchainDB starts with a big data distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics — decentralized control, immutability and the transfer of digital assets.
  • OkTurtles/dnschain — okTurtles is a non-profit foundation that supports beneficial decentralization technologies. This chatroom is dedicated to a blockchain-based DNS + HTTP server that fixes HTTPS security. The aim of the project is to offers a free and secure decentralized alternative while to the problem of lack of HTTPS security and the fact that netizens do not own their online identities.
  • Rsvp/victor — Victor, verifier in cryptography, publicly issues free trusted TIMESTAMP of file hash information embedded into a blockchain. Victor, familiar name in cryptography to denote verifier, serves to publicly timestamp hash fingerprints of files. People sometimes need to certify that a document existed on a particular date (e.g. for copyright or patent purposes). If the certification process can take place publicly that would certainly add veracity to the matter. GitHub can be used to perform as a trusted timestamping service. Victor publicly issues free trusted TIMESTAMP of file hash information embedded into a blockchain.
  • Bitcoin-php — conversations around repository that contains an implementation of Bitcoin using mostly pure PHP.
  • Bitpay/bitcore— Bitcore is an infrastructure to build Bitcoin and blockchain-based applications for the next generation of financial technology.
  • ZeroNet —ZeroNet is a decentralized website using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network. ZeroNet uses the same elliptic curve-based encryption as in the Bitcoin wallet. This alternative web distribution platform is focused on speed, usability & user experience.
  • MrChrisJ/fullnode — The goal of this project is to learn and layout a simple process for someone to be able to build a Bitcoin Fullnode using nothing but low cost, open source available tools. The main focus will be on educating and inspiring a new generation of people to begin hosting bitcoin fullnodes to help decentralise the network and to encourage enthusiasts to become janitors of the blockchain.

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