Team: 4 people | Duration: 2.5 weeks | Tools: Sketch App, Figma, InVision, Miro, Zoom

About AnyTour

AnyTour provides self-guided audio walking tours via a mobile app on iOS and Android. It can boast 35 cities with over 400 audio experiences. AnyTour also has a recommendations section where users can find the best places to eat and drink as well as areas to experience or explore that we could not factor into the tours.

Brief: The main point was to improve conversion of customers from free to paid. …

Team: 4 people | Duration: 2 weeks | Tools: Sketch App, InVision


Established in 1968, Time Out provides entertainment, food, and drink recommendations through print and digital media. Time Out has developed into a trusted global platform providing original editorial content for users to find things to do as well as curated lists of the best activities.

Operating in 108 cities, it has a monthly global audience reach of 242 million.

Brief: Time Out feels there is an opportunity to appeal to their user base in a different way; to leverage their current service and the technology in their current…

Giulia Fiori

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