Deadhead trucking hurts your business and rig, but automated freight pooling and dispatch software helps carriers earn more money per mile.

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How freight pooling and automated dispatch reduce deadhead miles for truck drivers

Deadhead is as bad as it sounds. Miles driven with nothing in the trailer, makes it more difficult to pay for gas, keep up maintenance, and grow your operation.

We’ve known about the problems caused by deadheads since the 1973 oil crisis when truckers saw significant rationing and faced the threat of violence. High gasoline prices were driving many truckers and companies broke, and every deadhead mile was especially harmful and painful. …

Innovations in freight technology and dispatch automation are powering companies to cut costs and protect margins even as customers demand faster shipping.

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The world is quickly viewing same-day freight shipping as the industry standard. But when that typically means higher costs, how can companies adapt?

The secret sauce is a mix of simplifying processes, reducing waste, and employing freight technology. There are powerful tools available to optimize every level of the supply chain while protecting your margins.

Here are five ways freight dispatch and automation can empower profitable operations.

1. Transparency via freight management software

Visibility makes it easier for any business to manage their freight. Mothership combines freight quoting, tracking, and billing into a single dashboard so any relevant team member can see exactly what they need…

Freight dispatch technology has moved to the cloud, supporting advanced analytics that matches drivers with the best loads and powers a same-day economy.

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There’s a nearly invisible economy of freight buying, truck dispatch, and routing technology that powers every “same-day delivery” message we find on countless websites. Moving freight in under 24 hours is now commonplace, but shipping products any distance used to require weeks of planning and multiple days of driving.

Getting what we want near-instantaneously is largely due to better freight dispatch software and mapping technologies. Truck drivers can now quickly see local jobs, and platforms can automatically optimize routes to avoid delays due to bad weather and traffic, which previously added days to moves.

The logistics industry has come a…

Mothership is committed to delivering what matters. Here’s an update on our COVID-19 Action Plan.

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With the creation of our Freight Support Program last month, we set out to help combat COVID-19 by donating our shipping services to businesses willing to donate protective gear and medical supplies to healthcare workers on the front lines. We’re working together with our communities to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, and we’re extremely humbled to have partnered with a few outstanding organizations already.

Socal Tech for SoCal Hospitals

Responding to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions requires agility, re-learning consumer behavior, and adapting your supply chain.

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Global movement has dramatically decreased in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stores are selling out of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, and demand for essentials like food and water is skyrocketing. Industries around the world are facing immediate supply chain issues as stay-at-home measures are set in place and manufacturing decreases.

Now more than ever we’re seeing how supply chain disruptions have a dire impact on maintaining a functional society. If you manage production or distribution for a business, you’re likely wondering how you can manage the stressors to your own supply chain that COVID-19 has caused. …

Giulia Fabi

People Operations at Mothership

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