An Aquaponic haven for committed Dreamers

Giulia Di Crescenzo
Feb 9, 2018 · 5 min read

[…]he gathered there many Elves, and other folk of wisdom and power from among all the kindreds of Middle-earth,[…] and the house of Elrond was a refuge for the weary and the oppressed, and a treasury of good counsel and wise lore. - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion

I imagine that the staunchest dreams in our adult life arise out of our unmet needs as children, or maybe it’s just my case. I felt a lonely child, even if I was quite sociable and vivacious. I lived with my family in this apartment, which was surrounded by a large condo garden: an hidden oasis inside Rome. Nonetheless I couldn’t find refuge in it, if not for few hours. It was like being trapped inside a crystal ball: the outside world couldn’t reach me, my brother and my playmates. So, I spent most of my time dreaming of a different kind of haven, where I might have learnt something meaningful to me close to nature and among other people with my same passion and purpose in life. I know that it could sound weird, but already at that age I was painfully aware of the real-world misery and I suffered for my powerlessness. I needed to take action somehow, but my relatives and friends judges me too young.

Now, I’m 25 years old and their opinion is quite the same, but the circumstances aren’t.

I adopted my father’s dream and I made it mine. I glimpsed the potentialities of this food production innovation, known as Aquaponics to promote a general welfare into the social tissue of Italy (my Country) and I decided to turn my intuition into reality.

Aquaponics cycle — how it works

But how?

In many of my former articles I’ve enumerated and explained the obstacles that my parents had faced during their 9-year business experience, attempting to spread the knowledge of this innovation in Italy.
So, I found myself in front of a crossroad. I could be hell-bent on following their way or reach the destination through a secondary road. I chose this last option.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door. ”- Coco Chanel

My Rivendell’s work-in-progress project

There’s this cottage of my family’s own on the Argentario’s Promontory, in Tuscany in front of the Tyrrhenian Sea, where we have lands and a part of undergrowth, that is an amazing location to prove how much Aquaponics can affect people’s life for the best.

My grandparents had bought it when my brother, our younger cousin and I were children. In the following years, my other three younger cousins have spent their first summers here up to the last one. It’s a family haven and since this summer it’ll gather another kind of extended family. A committed dreaming one.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon

In these months my father and I, with other Dreamers’ assistance, are sowing the seeds of this project. The first Aquaponic systems are going to be implemented within March and then we plan to build and activate other two of them. We’ll grow legal cannabis (that is with a Thc concentration below the 0.2%) and saffron, together with Koi carp and sturgeon.

My father’s project of decoupled Aquaponic systems

At the moment, as every startup, we’re undercapitalized and consequently we decided to gradually develop this business, instead of waiting to collect all the funds necessary to fulfill the whole idea. And at the same time, we designed it as a constant work-in-progress because of the great potentialities of the location.

Our facility’s core business will be a full-immersion vocational training of the new generations of Aquaponics experts and entrepreneurs around the world. We’ll host groups of 8 Dreamers in our manor house for a chill-out and cheerful holiday experience learning with us how to implement and run an Aquaponic system, choosing among several species of fish/crayfish and plants. We’ll help them to figure out which is the best niche market in your local area while they sunbathe in the swimming pool.

Chill-out area — Swimming pool

However, along with lectures, we’ll deliver practical, hands-on training inside the plants with the aim of showing them the tricks of the trade.

When I’ve committed myself in this venture, I’ve had clear in my mind as a purpose-to-impact that part of the profits would be addressed on one side for the scientific Research — because there’re no enough public funds in Italy for these crucial activities- and on the other side to social projects - to train and provide assistance to weak communities who could get an income from an Aquaponic facility, run by themselves. These are the major goals behind my determination.

Maybe. my perspective might sound a bit foolish, but at the moment on the business plan worksheets the numbers agree with it.

But now the point is: whoever else will look out with me from this window of opportunities toward a Future, that has been made by our choices of today?

Who among of you is a Dreamer who dreams during daylight?

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