If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

I read this the way I read dystopian literature, just to see how far the scenario would go. Aside from a few generalizations that have been pointed out in other responses, some factually-incorrect statements (Trump supporters do not rally? Really? Who are these people, then?) and willful misreadings (“outside of the mainstream narrative” is not the same as “completely made up”, just as alternative facts are not facts, they’re lies) I think you’re missing the bigger picture.

So, in the spirit of painting the worst case scenario that is the root of all great dystopia, here’s what I came up with: I think that urban guerrilla and eventually civil war is in Bannon’s masterplan. It’s what he’s driving at, what he’s been driving at for years — way before he was in the position to carry on his plans— because he believes that war makes countries better in the long run.

For the sake of this argument, I will assume that Trump — someone who is known for not reading intelligence briefs and has no political experience or knowledge whatsoever— has no idea what he’s doing. Bannon is his chief strategist, and a known KKK supporter and white nationalist. Among the many things Trump did in the first days of his presidency was to call for an exit from NATO and cut UN funding. Which could easily be read as an attempt at positioning the US outside of all military alliances and diplomatic relations. The US does have nuclear weapons, after all. Nuking any attackers is an option; nuking any opponent is also an option. Unfortunately for Bannon — and luckily for us — that isn’t the quickest or most convenient route to conflict.

So, how do you precipitate civil war? First, you exacerbate tribal divisions within the US using inflammatory rhetoric that pits ethnic and religious groups against one another. Then you make living conditions difficult by polluting the environment (e.g. Standing Rock, the still-unresolved Flint crisis that may be replicated all over the US), destroying health care (the ACA repeal), and facilitating hate crimes (too many to mention). You make people angry and paint the world as an angry, scary place (this is fairly easy: just make sure that your puppet president is fed a continuous stream of alarming news that he is often unable to understand, as in the case of the Swedish attack that never happened). People will be angry. People will be desperate. People will feel threatened.

Then you de-regulate gun sale a little more by abolishing the one rule that made sense in the country where you can buy a gun in a department store: you make it available to people with mental health issues. Keep in mind that health care is no longer affordable, and therefore mental health care is harder to come by. Guns are not. Thousands of unhinged gunmen are out there, waiting to exact revenge against any group of people they find objectionable. More Orlando shootings. More Charleston, Aurora, Sandy Hook massacres. At this point, a lot of people will have bought a gun against their will or personal conviction, just to feel safe. They’re not. But they think they are.

Then the economy starts to fail. Undocumented immigrants have been deported, so someone will have to step in and do the unpaid jobs they were doing before. Salaries fall. Women withdraw from the workforce to care for children and the elderly. The school reform brought about by voucher enthusiast Betsy De Vos makes it harder to provide troubled children with the care they need. People die because they cannot pay for medical care, or lose all their savings and end up in debt due to a serious illness or a chronic condition. Back-alley abortions become the norm in places where Planned Parenthood clinics are forced to shut down. More people die.

The 1% is doing great, thanks to tax breaks that do not facilitate the poor. The 99% is increasingly poor, angry at one another, and deeply divided. How long will it take before they start shooting?

That is when Bannon clamps down hard on unrest and sends the army into the streets. Coup d’état is served, Trump is unseated, the US is under military regime. Remember: this is Bannon’s dream we’re talking about.

The same people who voted you into power can suddenly hate your guts if they feel betrayed. Benito Mussolini was idolized by the masses, and ended up dead and hung upside down in Piazzale Loreto, but it wasn’t before hundreds of thousands of Italians died either in battle or in Nazi concentration camps.

Impeachment is probably the safest option, at this point. Or, you know, just get Bannon out of the White House. Surely there must be a legal way to do that?

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