There’s no question that they behaved unethically, and I don’t mean to excuse this behavior, but…

I’m fairly sure that if the UKIP and the pro-Leave Tories had presented even a fraction of the facts, the campaign wouldn’t have gained any traction whatsoever. The press did what it could, I think, but can we actually count on people to educate themselves? Those who did probably voted Remain, because there was no way this was going to end well. Those who didn’t, well, duh. Farage, though, made promises he could not keep; Leavers had no actual exit strategy, because they did not expect to go above 30% or so. Which would’ve put them in the position to question Cameron’s role from the safety of the EU.

(Notice that I haven’t used a single expletive in any of my posts, although as you can probably infer I am seething. I’m a European citizen and I’ve just had a wedge planted between me and my friends in the UK. And what’s worse, this might happen in my country, too.)

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