It’s not studying. It’s furtherance of the spirit and chasing one’s passion.
Timothy Samalik

Look, kid. I am many things, but not a therapist. I have no idea where you’re coming from or what your problems are, or why your mum hit you. I do not know and frankly do not care why you seem to harbour such resentment towards all women. By the look of it, you do need therapy, because you don’t sound happy. You sound aimlessly resentful.

You really want to work on that, instead of lashing out at strangers on the Internet who were never talking to you in the first place.

Perhaps you should read the original article again. Hard to read as it was (for the reasons I stated), it also contained a lot of interesting insight. It might do you a world of good to let go of the feeling that you’re being constantly put upon, because that is no good way to live.

Take care of yourself.

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