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True. But everyone on Game of Thrones is human, albeit occasionally bordering on superhuman (like fireproof Daenerys, magicky Melisandre, warging Bran, shapeshifting Arya or the formerly dead Jon). They’re not robots whose grasp on reality and self-awareness is in question. I’m not sold on icy, pretty Dolores being a mechanical human (for want of a better definition). Robots are not humans. Humans die. Robots suffer, break, may be retired, but they don’t actually die. There’s a different emotional investment when you know that the character you just watched being slaughtered by icy zombies as he holds the door to let his friends escape is a human who saw his own death coming years in advance, and was left permanently impaired.

(I cried so hard at that.)

Westworld is a great puzzle, rife with Easter Eggs, small clues and bits and pieces, but it’s not — as of now —the emotional rollercoaster that Game of Thrones has taken the time to become over six seasons. We may root for Dolores and Maeve, but we don’t actually love them.

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