Inspiration: The Super Food For Creativity

Inspiration is all around, ideas come from inspiration and they are one of the most powerful driving force of human progress so… be curious and get inspired !

Simon Amman, Experience Design

Simon, you got me. Personally, I found his ode to minimalism a powerful tool for effective communication. White space dominates and the necessary elements for functionality are easy to spot (the ‘menu’ icon finds its location on the top right corner, hidden in this image). One of the most classic element of visual design, the line, it is cleverly used to suggest an hyperlink. There is an high level of contrast; black and white / ying and yang are opposite forces that work perfectly together to create a sense of clarity.

Simon Amman, Digital side of Tokyobike

The digital side of Tokyobike rental experience it is dominated by visual unity. The consistency of geometrical shapes and colours hits the goal of keeping the digital experience on a line of harmony. Proximity is well balanced allover, and the touch of text going over the space reserved to the image connects words with products.. it breaks the meticulous alignment and gives an hint of a poetic approach to minimalistic web design. In my opinion, this is a very good example of visual design being the voice for the unique style of a specific product (I am also a big fan Tokyobikes by the way…) that is linear, classy and efficient.

born05 creative agency for KLM Airlines

Aesthetically pleasing, incredibly harmonious and deep. I was astonished by this UI piece of art. Imagery and shape they compensate each other, one enhancing the other. The choice of a woman silhouette as a frame it’s innovative and powerful. The space it’s used to create a feeling of actual depth.

Colours are fresh and energetic and in perfect line with KLM logo (bottom right corner). The white space in the background is harmonious and also used for the text, keeping the tone of the page. The user is highly involved and encouraged to discover more … (obviously, I ended up signing up with my email and now I am waiting to win 2 tickets for paradise…). Asymmetrical balance is achieved through contrast and everything is somehow aligned with no need of defined geometrical shapes. Basic functions to navigate are easily discoverable. My personal analysis to this piece of design is that it all begun with a big dose of intuition and empathy, it is so soulful.

Pepsicola lookbook by Stugbear.

Clean layout, the use of a ‘just enough’ sophisticated font, two tons of grey overlapping, the lighter one used as a background, and a white rectangular that hosts few words , black letters / white layout, contrast is maximised. I love the image that scrolls up and down, it makes the user feel more engaged and be able to observe from a closer point of view. Overall, the design appears stylish and fresh but what really caught my attention is the details in the interaction of small squared icons… they are pleasant for the eye and extremely useful for the user, it’s a fashion lookbook… probably the targeted audience is very picky about textures and other details. Well done Stugbear.!

Animation by Stugbear.

This is another example of this guy’s work.. I am becoming a big follower of him, I realised. Not too sure what the function of this last creation is but it’s hypnotic. If it actually does have a specific function, the fact that this function is not easily discoverable might be a minus.. but visually…he nailed it, in my opinion. I am in love with the geometrics and the colours. It all has a shadow of retro style, the geometric composition is mesmerising.. so simple but complex at the same time. The juxtaposition of circles and squares gives life to a cheerful pattern. The choice of font for the numbers is beautiful. A retro clock, that’s what it could be.

I could go on and on and on with this exercise, seriously. There is so much good stuff out there, and so much crap too… It is a valuable skill having an eye for design and I am looking forward to develop mine more and more.