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Introducing Agent S: Bridging the Enterprise On-premises World with SaaS

The growth of cloud and the decline of the data center is an enterprise reality. But for a variety of reasons, including compliance, data security, and delivery models, not every company can move entirely to the cloud.

Enterprises have on-premise applications and databases that are deployed within their corporate datacenter. These apps are protected via firewalls, and therefore are typically not easily accessible to cloud services.

That is why we see hybrid architecture — a mix of cloud and on-premises applications — as the ideal solution for such companies.

Hybrid integration solves the issue of taking existing information from on-premises systems. It leverages new systems to make way for innovation, competitive advantage, and driving new business models.

Today we’re excited to announce Agent S, a way to allow on-premises applications to seamlessly integrate with cloud based applications. You can now leverage Stamplay’s citizen developer experience to bridge your existing enterprise (databases, applications, and legacy systems) and SaaS (Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Netsuite).

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Agent S powered Hybrid Architecture

Agent S provides a secure way for Stamplay to selectively access customer-authorized on-prem apps, APIs and databases without having to open ‘ports’ in the corporate firewall.

This on-premise connectivity has 3 core elements:

  • A secure data gateway
  • Application connectors (HTTP, SAP, Oracle..)
  • Database access

Agent S runs within the customer’s data center, behind the firewall, and establishes a secure TLS websocket tunnel to connect out to Stamplay.

This hybrid integration model allows for protected communication between Agent S and Stamplay, allowing the development of hybrid architecture in which you have control over the data passed between specific applications.

Hybrid integration provides the perfect middle ground solution for enterprises, assuring that cloud data can integrate with on-premises legacy systems, ensuring our customers have the full advantage when driving business forward and moving towards cloud integration at their own pace.

Innovating and moving towards cloud integration moves businesses forward, it’s just a matter of time.

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Co-Founder @Stamplay, Lego™ for APIs. Enabling people to unleash the power of APIs. A #500STRONG Software Engineer in love with web products. Hip Hop addicted.

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