Introducing Flows

Giuliano Iacobelli
May 31, 2016 · 2 min read

Today’s a big day at Stamplay. You haven’t heard from us since a few weeks now but you’re about to discover why. Today we’re unveiling Flows, a much more powerful way to automate workflows inside your apps.

Tasks were close to the old fashioned IFTTT-like trigger and actions which fell short too often. Now they evolved to Flows and can expand to any number of steps you want. You can orchestrate all the building blocks of your app together so they work in harmony.

Flows have also the capability to return to an URL of your choice everything they processed during their execution. This means that you can easily build custom APIs that execute a workflow and use them to extend a product already in place.


Also you have one new building block called Filter to get granular with super-focused filtering. With the Filter component you can set up rules after any step, so your data is always sent to the right place.

Steps now can also perform read operations like “Search for a customer on Zendesk” or “Get from database red cars”. You can use Search Actions to lookup for something in one service, and use it as an input for the following step.


Last but not the least, on every Flow you can give us a URL you want to be called when the flow has finished processing. Stamplay will pass all the data processed during the Flow execution. Great to build visually custom API endpoint!

We really look forward to see what you’ll do with it so check them out now!

Co-Founder @Stamplay, Lego™ for APIs. Enabling people to unleash the power of APIs. A #500STRONG Software Engineer in love with web products. Hip Hop addicted.

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