Introducing Modern Approvals workflow in Stamplay

Giuliano Iacobelli
Jul 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Since launching Stamplay, we’ve heard from many of you about the need for our Flows to automate approvals for your business data. Today, we are releasing a new feature to streamline your approval processes.

The Approvals feature enables the addition of human approval steps within your flows. Complex tasks requiring human judgement can be directed to an approver, then subsequently redirected based on whether the task was approved or rejected.

You can set up an automated workflow to quickly process requests for vacation, overtime, or travel plans or for documents like budgets, contracts, blog posts, or specifications.

Configuring an approval in a Flow

With these new modern approvals experiences, you can quickly and easily create an approval workflow for your data in Salesforce, ServiceNow, Box, Netsuite, MailChimp, Azure Active Directory, Office 365 and many others.

As part of the approval process, approvers will receive email notifications about pending approvals, while the admin can monitor and respond to all approval requests in a brand-new, unified approvals center.

Use case: Automatically Sending Out A Contract

Let’s imagine that you manage your partner you are running a partner program you most likely have a web form where people can sign up or someway to transfer leads into your CRM (e.g. Salesforce) — if you don’t have a way to automatically send sign ups to your CRM, you can do that with Stamplay too.

In this scenario, Salesforce collects the leads from our sign up form and we’ve built in a human workflow to make sure only qualified applicants are accepted.

When someone signs up and a new contact is created in Salesforce with the status “Undecided,” Stamplay will send an Approval request notification via email to the program manager.

Automatically sending out a contract for signature

The program manager can, view the application information and click “Approve” or “Reject” without leaving her email client. If the applicant is not approved, Stamplay will send an email asking for more information and update the Salesforce contact as rejected.

If the applicant is approved, Stamplay will pre-populate the fields such as name and address in the HelloSign contract, send it to the applicant, and update the Salesforce contact as accepted.


With Stamplay, connecting users in the approval process is easy. By identifying and removing the unnecessary or repetitive steps in the review and approval (and many other) processes, automated workflows can enable significant improvements to worker productivity.

Stamplay makes creating automated workflows that tap into your data much easier. Our goal with these new approval experience is to make it easier for flow authors to create approval based workflows for data in services like SharePoint, Salesforce, Box or SAP and for approvers to quickly process their approval requests, but we’re just getting started.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and if you have any question don’t hesitate to reach out to us :)

The Stamplay team,

Giuliano Iacobelli

Written by

Co-Founder @Stamplay, Lego™ for APIs. Enabling people to unleash the power of APIs. A #500STRONG Software Engineer in love with web products. Hip Hop addicted.

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