Three Things I Wish I Knew About Instagram When I First Started

“Give me money!!”

Have you ever come across someone’s Instagram page and that’s basically what they’re screaming?


They’re focused so hard on SELLING that they end up turning everyone away

When it comes to acquiring new customers for your business, social media (and Instagram in particular — when done the right way) can be a really great source for free leads

That is, free in the sense of money — it still requires hard work and your time

So which do you have more of at this point: time or money?

If it’s time, then Instagram (and this post) are perfect for you

So here are the 3 things I wish I knew about Instagram when I first started:

ONE: It’s not about you

Well, it is and it isn’t

Yes, your page should generally revolve around you

But in the end, just like any business, it’s about giving your customer what they want

Notice, I said GIVING

This means not always posting about what you sell

Which brings us to number two

TWO: Always add value

When someone is constantly posting about what they sell, it’s obvious that their focus is on TAKING — your money, that is

A business relationship is just like any other kind of relationship, success comes when both people focus on giving, or what I like to call “adding value” — without expecting anything in return

Let’s take it a step further: would you want to be with someone who was always asking you to do stuff for them and never did anything for you?

What about if they always counted when they did do something for you and complained that you owed them?

You would never want to be with a person like that!

And it’s the same when doing business on social media

Add value without the expectation of having to be repaid and the customer relationship will come naturally

THREE: Be authentic

Yes, this phrase gets thrown around a lot, I get it

So let me tell you what this directly translates into as far as action goes on social media

  1. Don’t say weird things you never actually would say in real life (people can tell when you’re being fake and flowery!)
  2. Share more than you’re comfortable sharing (there’s no growth in your comfort zone)
  3. Be enthusiastic! (Yes, people! If you actually believe in what you do, then show it! If not, then you should probably be doing something else!)

So remember: (1) It’s not about you, (2) Always add value, and (3) Be authentic

If you remember these three things and actually use them in your Instagram business strategy, you will see meaningful growth that also translates into more sales

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below

Giuliano helps entrepreneurial men and women reach their fullest potential (in business and in life). Learn more at

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