Fake “Happy Birthday” —

The Writings On The Wall!

Handwritten birthday cards are almost ‘so last century’ and birthday phone calls are almost so old fashioned. It is almost customary to check your wall on the day of your birthday or the next day to see who has written or recognised that it is your birthday. There are two types of FB writers. Those that plaster publicly writing a message of congratulations and then there are those that think they are being more intimate by sending a private message. Is this genuine well wishing? and is it classy? I beg to differ.

The thought of congratulation is a good one. I commend the attempt to engage but I pity those that think it is enough and more stupid are the ones that revel in the number of wishes. I am sure if we are all honest enough we partly enjoy the rush of messages coming in. First there is one, then ten, then twenty, fifty, a hundred and maybe hundreds… you then have your chance to hit like or comment. So much love! What to do… or not to do?

Let me tell you what a Facebook birthday post really means…

“I would give you my congratulations, but you are not important enough for a phone call”

“I will remain on your radar because one day you might be useful to me but I can’t be bothered enough to call you”

There is no class in Facebook birthday posts, just digital amicability and social etiquette that serves you no ‘real’ purpose. It is better not to post anything on that day. Your “Happy Birthday” on someone’s wall ranked at place 113 won’t be seen with full acknowledgement anyway. Here you are one of many. However if you call, you are one of few.

Of course all the “Happy Birthday” posties (those that post ;) would say “Yesssss, I would do that, I would call them if I had the number of that person!” = EXCUSE in my book!!!!

Instead of a post you could invest one more click and send a personal message. Even better: A voice message. Then you won’t be one of the uncreative 99% anymore. If you look for the number in your phone now you will have the chance to bring alive again a friendship, with one simple call.

A real call will show your appreciation for that person. You will be shocked how few people actually call even their closest friends.


If you don’t have the number

  1. Message a friend and try to get the number
  2. Send a voice message via Facebook
  3. Send a personal message

If you have the number



You show class and you seperate yourself from the mass. You really give the birthday friend real joy with your call. You maintain friendships and networks longterm. You raise the standard.

If you don’t want to this, leave it. I say — Stand out from the rest! Make a phone call… better yet, send a handwritten birthday card.