Short of how to quickly write a complete story in a week :)


Last month I wrote a story in one week. I was asked how I did it and so here you go:

Before you start writing it is imperative that the environment and time is comfortable. You want no distraction and to dedicate at least an hour every day around the same time.

Write down what comes to mind and in the selected columns. Just jot down whatever comes to mind. Let your mind wander to places, people, your own stories, emotions and your own knowledge. Write as much as possible (do not be distracted by anything and not even grammar at this time).

just getting ideas down

If you want to finish the story start with the beginning and end right away. In this example the 1st and 7th part.

Make sure you can see everything you are writing and so text wrap. This helps you remember the different plots you have thought out.

text wrap

Flesh out the major themes you want to write about. Choose something you can write about from your heart and that is relevant to the people who would read it.

Example of what I did:

Fleshing out themes

All of this needs to be in different parts of the story you can see on your spreadsheet. But wait, it is not a story yet, but a messy list of of words in columns.

Now you will start to Flesh out the story. Copy and paste into a word document and you can use headers like in blue to help you organize ideas

writing more

Just write and write until all plots are completed. Then edit grammar and start to share with the world. This way you can start thinking about it from others perspective. Sharing with people sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. For me it has just helped stay motivated and think about grammar more. When you are done with criticism get back to editing and then publishing as you like!

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