What to leave the country tomorrow? Just let yourself do it.

You never know what you are missing until you let yourself do it. There is more joy than you can imagine out there. It was Wednesday late morning and I felt particularly alone and so I decided to change my environment, city. I was not escaping, I had been in that city for many years and many places in that city. The city I had been living in did not feel me. I tried everything and now I was resorting to social media to engage with more worldly action.

I decided to go someplace that came to mind, Montreal Qc. I think it might be because I thought about it after a a new friends told me she was from there. Maybe because I knew it would be different and a little European. I think I had seen a really nice picture of that city recently. I just looked up where it was, bought a train ticket, hotel room, packed my bags and was out.

On the train, I took the time to look up what to do. I used trip advisor to see where the main attractions are located and so I can do different blocks on different days. Plans where not that smooth. My phone/tablet fell on the grown and is not working, my visa card is defected, my camera battery died and I forgot my sunscreen. Yes, just because you are going someplace north does not mean you will not get burned apparently.

Despite many more problems it has been fine! You just need to be creative on the road. Montreal is very sunny and also the culture. The best outdoor circus performance I have ever seen and free! So yes the place was great and different in many ways. Here everyone speaks french, the people are more warm and smile. There is a European relaxed ambiance with historical buildings, modern buildings and businesses. There is a lot of appreciation in art and being creative! Yes very creative, even naked people waking dressed with paint. I felt very uncomfortable at the view but I also respected the courage.

The building of stones, old clocks and intricate carvings, makes me feel grounded to something deep and lasting. I can feel the stories and culture. Maybe it is because the people here also look more like me. I have walked Rue de Notre Dame (where William Shatner from Star Trek happened to have grown up) so many times and to go to different places. I am surprised to say that I am not tired of it. We never get tired of things that inspire us. Let yourself do it!

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