About me

Hi there, I’m Giulia.

I blog about a unique approach to life that I feel is “Too Good To Miss”.

I consider myself very fortunate, because I am doing what I love. I’m a digital strategist who is extremely passionate about building businesses, by connecting people with brands, through written, visual, social, and interactive content.

I was the COO of one of the most influential web agencies in Italy; developing the online strategy and marketing campaigns for the entertainment business. Here’s one of the project I worked on, and the one I am most proud of :)

My motto is; “Navigating life using a compass instead of a map.“ — Stephen Shapiro (Goal Free Living)

With the use of my “compass” I moved to New York City, fascinated by its magnetism, energy and abundant opportunities. In my new role, I oversee the business development of 2NYC, where we created a innovative way to experience NYC, discovering the true “Big Apple”. This real life experience will connect you to New York City through the eyes of a real New Yorker.

Sound interesting? Allora, let’s go!

Let’s connect, and if you are planning a trip to New York City let’s meet up for a coffee!

(I’m Italian, I will take you for a good espresso!)

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