Where is the unsubscribe? If it's hard to find → straight to spam! 👋

Stop putting the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails

This is an open letter for all the marketers, product people, PR people and so on. I won't scroll anymore, I will send you to spam.

I'm very tired of scrolling the whole email to unsubscribe. I'm pressing the spam button now instead of to playing hide and seek with your hidden-same-color-as-background 5px link "unsubscribe".

Straight. To. Spam.

What is the benefit of putting the unsubscribe button at the end of email? Let me make a list for you in case you are wondering:

  1. I have to scroll the whole email thinking "why it have to be so hard?" in order to unsubscribe.
  2. If I'm too lazy to scroll your email I will delete it without reading it, or
  3. I will send it straight to spam

None of the previous points is worth the small benefit you have, which is having a bigger number on your subscribers list. If that number is made of uninterested people it's just a vanity metric.

I know: I subscribed to your service and now you are trying to market me, but if I don't want to receive your content — which could be good — stop bothering me.

I'm not an active subscriber, I'm not interested, I'm not even willing to scroll the entire email. Make it easy to unsubscribe, or go to my spam folder.

"But putting it at the bottom it's the industry standard"

If email clients (iOS/Gmail and many more) are putting the unsubscribe message automatically on top maybe it's just not a good standard.

I know that iOS is already doing this, and I love it, but please please please make it easier: put your link at the beginning of the email and make it obvious.