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Here’s a thought: every time my relationship ends up being toxic, even though I try to deny it, I end up figuring out it was at least partially my fault. Does this mean I am a sick lover? Does it mean I’ll always end up ruining my relationships? Or does it mean it was entirely my fault? None of those things, really, but there is a bit of truth in all of them.

So, we are all familiar with the concept of people proactively ruining their own relationship, right? It is the classic sabotage, and to be fair men are…

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Kobe_Bryant_7144.jpg: Sgt. Joseph A. Leederivative work: JoeJohnson2 [Public domain]

You really did a trick on us pal. I know everyone and their mother is talking about this, but I need to express how I personally feel about this.

I wanna start at the top. My primary sport is soccer — being italian and all — but I love sports in general, and so I’ve always taken a more or less active approach in overviewing the whole sports world. Plus, you’re one of those GOATS that everybody knows of. Me, personally, I love sports because of what they give you. I grew up playing sports. More than that, I grew…

Giuseppe Vinchesi

Occasional writer, in love with giving opinions and using words to express feelings to people I’ve never seen.

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