First donation day debrief

Hi everyone! Team Cascaid wanted to share a debrief now that our very first donation day (or “Cascaid”) finished up on 7/15. Also, I’m committing to always including a TLDR for our fast-scrolling followers.

TLDR: We raised ~$800 for 96 organizations this month, and will send four checks averaging ~$150 to four orgs this week. I personally supported 93 organizations, which would have cost me $34.47 in credit card fees if I donated to each org individually — instead it cost me $6.87 through the site. If you’re already a user, the biggest thing you can do to help us grow is share your Cause on social media. If you’re not yet a user, please sign up and help us grow before the August 15 date!

The Causes
The 23 Causes our donors supported cover a broad range of categories and geographies. We have a few driving healthcare research (on diabetes, autism, multiple sclerosis, wellness, and mental health), some backing civil and human services (reproductive rights, criminal justice, racial equality, and homelessness), some targeting global issues (poverty in Africa, human trafficking, education in Latin America, and environmental conservation), and some supporting localities close to home (San Luis Obispo, CA and Newark, NJ).

The power of individualized philanthropy is putting your dollars to work on issues close to your heart. If you see a Cause that resonates, join it or copy some organizations to your own Cause. If your personal focus isn’t yet represented, create a Cause and start building support today.

The metrics
At almost $800 raised for the July 15 Cascaid, we’ve exceed $2,000 raised so far for 96 total organizations since we started testing. I’d love to get above $1,000 per month during the July period, so share your Causes (if you’re already onboard) or join today to help get us there!

Our 23 Causes featured an average of 4–5 organizations per Cause, highlighting that you don’t “have to choose” which non-profit should get your dollars, and each Cause was supported by an average of 3 donors.

We’re going to be sending checks averaging $150 to four organizations this week, so $600 out of $800 donated this month and the total ~$2,000 of donations so far is going to work. Those two ratios (75% of the month total and 30% of the total) are metrics we’re going to be highly focused on as the site grows, and hopefully will trend toward 100% as the site scales up.

Thanks and hope to see you in the August donor roll! We still have t-shirts to give out!

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