Behind every successful woman is a tribe

Written by: Sukanya Mukherjee, Intern @ Womentum

After over a dozen DC Comics movies starring male leads, Wonder Woman stole the show this June debuting Princess Diana, a warrior who is unapologetically compassionate and fiercely determined to save mankind. Created to shine light on Princess Diana’s origin story, Wonder Woman inspired audiences to believe any woman can be a hero.

In the face of uncertainty, Diana leaves the only home she’s ever known and embarks on a journey to save humanity during World War I. Although she is protected on the island of the Amazons, Diane refuses to compromise her ideals when she is faced with the news of war tearing people apart. And as Diana runs to the aid of pleading mothers and blazes through no man’s land, it’s important to remember those who rallied alongside her. Behind her stand a family of warriors and her steadfast friends, each of them eager to see her succeed.

Countless times, Princess Diana is seen leading the charge, triumphantly showing just what a woman is made of. A few feet away Steve, Sameer, and Charlie take out soldiers firing ahead. Together they are a team, demigod or not, committed to save as many lives as possible.

At Womentum, we believe that behind every successful woman is a tribe. For Diana, her tribe was there to reinforce her strength when she wavered. Although they are mortal, they risked their lives fighting alongside Diana, reminding her that she is not alone. And for women like Hawa, Chandira, and Regina, we must do the same. In a world that does not battle Ares, but wars with poverty, inequality and injustice — we must empower women by offering them the resources they need to create opportunities for themselves.

Womentum’s micro-finance platform is designed so that once a female entrepreneur is funded, she will pay it forward to help support another woman. As the cycle continues, Womentum hopes to create a band of entrepreneurs dedicated to lifting each other up. With the support of people around the world, female entrepreneurs struggling to make a living can launch their businesses, provide for their families and stand on their feet. Their stories, while not magical, are about heroes nonetheless. As we crowd theaters to cheer on Diana, let us not forget the heroes across the world who need our support. Like Diana, these women are fighting. They are fighting for their children, for the chance to be pioneers in their villages, for the chance to pave a path for women to be independent and they too, need their tribe.

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Share the stories of women trying to launch their businesses, provide for their families and give to others in their community. Together, we can create a movement to empower these entrepreneurs. Together, we can be their tribe.

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