Brooks’ ad is one for the books.

Brooks advertising technique is decently effective, proving only a couple minor flaws after further evaluation. The arrangement of the ad is logical, making the reader start at the character’s face, down to her medal, over to the champagne bottle, and finish at the product and the logo in the bottom right corner. In addition, the placement of the camera at eye level allows for the reader to relate to this marathon runner and feel the excitement that she does.

The first flaw noticed in this ad was the color scheme. The bold green is a cold color, which makes the reader feel calm inside. Warm colors would be more effective in this ad because the idea of winning a 10k race should excite the reader, not calm them. In addition, there is no logical framing of the product, which would be beneficial, but not necessarily needed for this advertisement.

Brooks used text in an effective manner by creating a short and sweet headline that captivates the reader's attention at the first glance. It makes the reader ask themselves, “thank you for what?” and continue to look into the advertisement for more information. The body copy is placed in a smart location that does not force the reader to read it, but gives them the option too if wanted. In the body copy, they effectively share their unique selling product, which is the Super DNA midsole that will create dynamic cushioning. This USP effectively differentiates Brooks’ running shoe from all the other similar brands out there. It makes the reader believe that they are buying a product that is unlike any other.

This ad is targeted towards young adult women who run several races to feel accomplished. Brooks effectively targets them by making the main character of the ad a young woman after a race and placing it in the magazine Running Times.

Brooks created this ad as an appeal for the need to achieve because it makes the targeted audience feel like they could surpass their peers and be the best if they purchase Brooks’ product.

Overall, Brooks’ advertisement effectively works to influence the reader to want to win a race and feel accomplished. The most important aspect of creating a good ad is to make the reader feel the same emotions as the character in the ad. Seeing the look of accomplishment in the young woman’s face makes every person desire to feel the same way, which will increase the demand for Brooks’ product.

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