🦎 Givnaut NFT is officially listed on #CoinGecko 🦎

Less than 3,000 to go, we are happy to announce that Givnaut NFT is now listed on CoinGecko!

Link:🦎 https://www.coingecko.com/en/nft/givnaut-by-givestation

👩‍🚀 Grab a Givnaut NFT today to become part of a core members of the Governance section.

Mint link:👇



GiveStation Hackathons runs on a system we call "HaaS" Hackathon As a Service.

GiveStation’s mission is to not only bring together developers and users but to also inspire devs all around to create great web3 softwares and products.

As we all know competitions and prizes drives hardwork to some extent, and that is why we have positioned ourselves to be the preferred web3 platform that houses competitions that will produce the next generation of builders and innovations in web3 and beyond.

How it works
GiveStation Hackathons - Startups, founders and teams create Hackathons with prizes to be won while young and aspiring developers contest for this prizes and have their fate decided by votes from the judges in that particular competition.

Launch date will be announced. Stay tuned for more details soon.




A multi-chain Give-To-Earn grant protocol where contributors get rewarded for funding ideas, startups and projects in web3. 👉 http://app.givestation.org