Astral Swans photographed by Stephanie Horak

Madic Records House Concerts

When we heard about Dan Mangan’s plan to send artists across Canada to play shows in people’s homes, we thought it was a great idea. In his words:

It’s about intimacy, and gathering your community of friends and listeners to experience something out of the ordinary, where both the audience and the artist gets to jettison the standard concert-going experience for an evening.

When we got the opportunity to partner with Dan’s label Madic Records to help make the house concerts happen, we saw it as a natural fit with Give’s mission: to enable you to directly support the artists that you love.

Our part is simple. We provide a way for fans to reserve seats at a house concert by giving to the band directly. This guarantees a spot, as most of the shows are fairly small and can fill up quickly. It also gives a boost to the artist out on tour, as they get notified each time someone reserves a seat at an upcoming show.

Last fall, Astral Swans undertook the first Madic Records House Concert tour. It turned out to be a spontaneous, captivating tour highlighted by impromptu guest appearances, rad covers, and eager fans.

This spring, Madic Records is sending out another cast of artists on the house concert circuit, including The Crackling, Kirsten Ludwig, Anna Scouten, and Walrus.

At the time of writing, over 300 fans have given nearly $5000 to the artists playing these shows. They’ve also left messages for the artists, and many have given more than the requested minimum amount in order show a little extra support for the artist.

We are stoked to be working with Madic Records and these artists to help the house concert tours thrive. Looking forward to the next wave.

Interested in hosting a show in your home?
Apply to be a Madic Records host

See full tour dates and reserve your seat for:
The Crackling
Kirsten Ludwig
Anna Scouten

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