16 and Making Peace With Not Having a Car

When you talk about wanting a car, parents will be there to crush your dreams.

Heck yeah! I want a car cause it’ll save me some time. Yep, I know that feeling when you are starting to just despise that obnoxious person or group of people who are always on the bus. But when you talk about wanting a car parents/guardians will be there to crush your dreams.

“You’re too young” or “It’s too expensive” or “You don’t even know how to drive.”

Do you understand the problems that come with owning a car?

Think about traffic: if you’re on a bus you can get off and leave. If you own a car, you can’t just ditch it and walk. When you get straight down to it, you have to keep paying for gas, several repairs, and then, after that, you have to drive around for 2 hours to find a parking spot, or fish at least $20 dollars from your wallet per hour to stay in a parking lot.

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