Growing Up Human: Gabrielle

“People were scared of my cancer”

Series created by Kelly

“The things people said to me that got repetitive were the words they didn’t say. Many people became afraid of me and were scared to catch my cancer or just didn’t know how to deal with my situation. I felt hurt and isolated by the majority of people who were afraid of me after getting sick. I wish that people would have still seen me as Gabby, not the girl who is sick. Being a cancer survivor is part of who I am but it’s not my whole identity! My diagnoses affect my life and who I am today! I feel blessed and proud to say I am a survivor! I know that everyday is a gift and things as simple as brushing your hair and being able to walk down stairs are such blessings! I am grateful for the life lessons, and the people I have met through my journey. I am grateful for the way it made me into the person I am today.”

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