I am Fear, I am Love

By Parneet

I am Fear
I come to you in the darkness
When you are feeling weak and vulnerable
I make you question who you are and your self worth
I know you feel me
You heart starts racing and the doubts begin
Am I good enough?
Am I strong enough?
Will I make it?

A mysterious silence lingers in your mind
You feel as if you are in a forbidden forest, enclosed, trapped
Confused, lost and not knowing why
You turn from Fear and search desperately for Love

I am Love
I feel your heartbeat. I feel life.
I know your doubts but I know you will survive
Cradle me and I will grow
Fuel the flame and burn the shame
Rise up and make your claim

The laughter, joy, and happiness you feel is me
I open your mind so you can embrace the world
I give you hope when none is left
You are good enough.
You are strong enough.
You will make it.
I am Love

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