Too Young

Give Us The Floor
Jul 8, 2018 · 2 min read

By Dorcas

You tell us that we’re too young.

Too young to know pain.
Too young to be facing & fighting all the demons in our heads, minds, and lives alone.
Too young to be facing darkness, hopelessness, and evil to be looking at it all right in the face staring into its very eyes and recognizing it all too well.

You tell us that we’re too young to know the hate that this world has to offer on a platter yet we see it every day. We open our eyes to the world everyday as it all flashes on our timelines.

I guess that you are unaware that in 2018 it is impossible for anyone yet alone my generation to escape the true underbelly of our society and world.

Yet you say that we are too young and unaware to know ourselves and to truly change what is going on in the world.

Too young
Too entitled
Too unaware
Too coddled
Too needy

This is what you call us. You then tell us that we’re too young to have already lost our innocence and to be so aware of the bullshit that this world has fed to us.

Yet we’re not too young to only know pain fear, struggle, and sadness.

We’re young enough to still believe that there is justice, good, and hope in the world.

We’re young enough to not only believe in, but to also fight for, our futures.

Our eyes and hearts are awake and open to the reality of our world but we are not yet jaded by it.

We are NOT too young to speak up.
We are NOT too young to enact and demand change.
We are NOT too young to stand firm in our truth.

In fact, we were never too young to begin with. We are just in time.

Just in time to take action and turn our pain and ashes into something of value, worth, and beauty.

We are just in time to use our voices and demand change in our society and world.

We are just in time to care, to love, to be confident, to speak up and to stand in our voices.

We were never too young. Everything we need is already inside of us waiting to be unlocked.

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