Why I’m Proud To Be A Part of Give Us The Floor

By Victoria

Ever since I started high school, I’ve been involved in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club at my school. When I started, there were about 10 regular members, and when I left this past June there were more than 30 regular members. We talked about everything from consent to safe sex to abusive relationships to lack of accurate or inclusive media representation for the LGBTQ+ community. We occasionally held events during lunch that were mostly well attended by the student body. Even though we accomplished a lot of great things, we never managed to meet much outside of school, which is something I really regret. Part of what drew me to Give Us the Floor is the fact that groups of teens meet outside of school; meeting in such an informal setting, with none of the social and academic pressures felt at school, without the adults that are normally around, seemed to me like the best way to talk about issues that are important to us. I think it’s important for teens to be able to have these discussions because it means that our opinions are important and they matter to other teens.

Earlier this year I participated in Give Us The Floor’s “Ask A Teen Event”, an opportunity for adults to ask teens almost any question. Several other teens and I were answering their questions, and in between questions we talked about everything from our different schools to our plans for after high school to why we joined GUTF and what we were doing in our respective cities. It was really cool to be able to talk to people I’d never met but were just as passionate about GUTF as I was. It was also very empowering to have adults seriously listening to what the other teens and I had to say.

Being able to be a part of and help Give Us The Floor has been an amazing experience for me. Knowing that there are teens out there that will listen to me, and that I can be myself around them, takes some of the pressures off of being a teen. Even though I’m going away to college in a couple of weeks and will be leaving California, I can’t wait to see what GUTF will accomplish next!

To learn more about our By Teens-For Teens community, visit our website or contact a teen ambassador.