You Mean High School Isn’t Like The Movies?!

The author has chosen to be anonymous

It was recently the ten year anniversary of Disney’s iconic original movie, High School Musical. After learning that my favorite movie as a six-year-old released a decade ago, I was filled with a sense of nostalgia. I was reminded of how excited I was for my first day of high school. My elementary years were filled with catching myself wishing I was in high school already. My school days were spent dreaming about my first day of high school. I was excited to decorate my locker, hang out in homeroom, and most importantly, find a Troy Bolton of my own.

Years flew by and I still watched High School Musical every so often because it reminded me of my childhood. I still sang along to every song without missing a word. And before I realized it, the big day had arrived.

I was dressed in what I thought was a very Gabriella Montez inspired outfit. My heart felt like it was going to explode out of excitement. I had my whole day planned out based on the movie (minus the spaghetti incident in the cafeteria). I was ready to meet the alternate universe that is high school. Sadly, however, my first day of high school was nothing like I was expecting. I arrived at school and walked to my first class. I had not yet made a friend, which I found weird because I expected to make a new friend by the time I entered the classroom. Classes passed until it was time for lunch. Like Gabriella, I was lost and couldn’t figure out where to sit. I was confused as to why there weren’t tables for specific groups, like the basketball players. After a while, I managed to find some of my old friends from middle school. They seemed to be having an alright day, but I was not. I realized then that high school is not like the movies. Nothing that had happened in the movie had happened to me. I did not get to decorate or even have a locker, I didn’t sign up for a theater production, and worst of all, I still had not found my very own Troy Bolton. I was completely devastated.

The school day was like any other day, despite the larger classrooms and no bells to signal the end of class. I was a complete and awkward nobody in a school with thousands of students. The worst part was that no one else seemed to be feeling like I was. I had never been more disappointed in my life.

Thinking about how I spent nine years waiting for my first my day of high school makes me laugh today. Now that I’m about to be a junior, I’ve realized that high school is difficult and not so fun, but I am now okay with that. High school isn’t a grand time with musical numbers in every class, but I’m surviving the stress. Next time I won’t expect life to be like the movies.

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