Things I learned Volunteering in a Brazilian Favela

Preparing for my trip to the Brazilian Favela

Preparing for this charitable milestone I think, for me, was the most sentimental. You’re putting thought and effort into making someone else happy. That is the most rewarding feeling in the world and little did I know it would be fulfilled by something so “small”. As we headed out towards our trip to the Brazilian Favela, we loaded our bags with as much as we could fit. We made sure to pack with a majority of toys, first aid kits, and clothing to give away; boxes of shoes and outfits, crayons and coloring books, building blocks and toy cars. As well as games for the children of this Brazilian Favela to play with during their holiday. I also added a card to each present with a few sentences explaining my vision and hopes that they could too pay it forward the next opportunity they had. This was my personal token of gratitude for allowing me into their community and to share their holiday with me. Showing that you care is the most priceless gift that you can give to a child or a person.

The History of the Brazilian Favela: Vidigal

My day in Vidigal and what I learned



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