Customer care experience could become interesting this year

Remember, the time you had to call to any customer care service numbers and getting annoyed with the blunt responses and their inability to understand your need. As this is the tax season, i have been trying to reach IRS through their customer care to get answers to my queries. With each call i am one step nearer to giving up on my refund in order save myself from the frustration. This year, this whole experience of frustration instead of care, might change for good with the advent of Emotional Intelligent systems.

We have already been using Artificial Intelligent systems, whenever we use a chat service online or in a call when we choose an option just by saying it. This was possible with Chat bots, that used our queries or responses to predict what would be the correct response or action to be taken.

While such bots feel like missing the human touch, some sort of human behavior would would make it much more interactive. The cunning and sarcastic responses from ‘Siri’ or ‘Alexa’ for certain queries, makes us want to engage with those systems more and more, due to the fact that they can mimic the human behavior.

Communication experts stress about the importance of Emotional intelligence in our conversations. Understanding and responding to emotions has always been a biggest hurdle. When machines have the capability of understanding emotions better than humans, the communication becomes much more engaging.

How would it be, if we can see an avatar that can understand our facial expressions and reply in an appropriate manner with its own expressions. Human Computer interactions can be much more fruitful when both verbal and non-verbal communication is effective.This has already become a reality with Emotional Intelligent systems like ‘Nadia’.

Artificial Intelligence predicts our behavioral patterns from the data or the information we provide. Emotion Intelligence goes a step further to predict our emotions from our facial expressions or vocal expressions, and can respond with its own expressions.

‘Nadia’ is an EI avatar developed by ‘Soul Machines’ for the Australian government, to improve their services provided to people with disabilities. Nadia provides the help to access Disability Insurance Schemes while also trying to improve the user experience with the system. Governments have started to understand the need for effective interaction with machine to serve their people better.

Enterprises have always tried to improve the customer support in numerous ways. The default way they always follow, is to setup a customer care center or subscribe to the services of one. Recently some of them have been trying to induct Chat bots in their support process to serve their customers better. EI is still in its infancy and could impact much more when used for Enterprises in their support systems. It is only a matter of time before we video chat with a EI avatar, whenever we seek the service of a customer care.

So the next time you feel like smashing your phone to the ground, in order vent out your frustration with customer care, stop and save your phones, as EI systems are around the corner.