Farm to Table isn’t going to disrupt anything unless it can drastically reduce the costs.
Jim Roye

yes ‘Farm to Table’ alone wouldn’t be sufficient to disrupt the food industry. It is a service model trying to bring down the inefficiency of using the middlemen route.

It would need a an excellent value added service on top of it to make any significant impact. ‘Blue Apron’ and ‘imperfectproduce’ are trying to do that. But to bring the costs down, they do have to grow at scale and as i believe them being an entrants with little or no competition, the price tag for them could be considered higher.

I do believe the price will go down as they enter into other demographics. Right now imperfect produce is targeting bay area and los angeles, if i can recall correctly and Blue Apron is sourcing from around 150 farms. This kind of reflects their infancy in this business and their pricing model would be aligned to foster their growth.

Thanks to your information, it is clear that they still aren’t addressing other significant needs in the market. These two companies are the ones that i came across providing services with ‘Farm to Table’. My opinion as stated, would be that more and more value added services with ‘Farm to Table’ as their backbone, should emerge to bring disruption.

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