For Package Development

First step

The first step that needs to be taken, is cloning Laravel. Go to your code directory and run git clone Your workbench directory will now be called laravel. The location of my workbench is ~/Server/laravel.

Packages folder

Within your workbench you need a directory for your packages. We are going to use this directory to autoload the packages you are creating. For your package you can create directories with the following structure: packages/[Vendor]/[Package]/src. This could result in packages/Captain/Awesome/src.


Navigate to you package (packages/Captain/Awesome/src) and run composer init. …

CLI Commands on Steroids


  • alias art='php artisan'

How do View Composers work?

View Composer are created within a Service Provider, and best practice is to create a dedicated Service Provider, called ComposerServiceProvider. Within the boot method, call this code to register a simple View Composer.

view()->composer('header', function ($view) {
'message' => 'This is a message on some page'

Gijs Jorissen

Web Developer. ❤ Laravel, Wordpress, Vue.

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