My husband (Sab) and I met last 2011 on a Catholic lay mission in Masbate, where both of us are member of the Singles for Christ community. Even though his younger brother is a long time friend of mine, we’ve never been introduced. Maybe because he was actively serving in U.P. (where we were also a member of Youth for Christ, back in our younger years) while I am serving YFC Bataan.
After that mission, we exchanged numbers and had another chance to work together on one of our community’s conference in Palawan on August of that same year. There, we became close and started a beautiful friendship. After the conference, we usually met for coffee, like in Pampanga or in Manila.

Come November 2011, he asked me if he can court me. I was a bit surprised because he was the only man brave enough to lay down his cards before me. He told me that he’s been praying for me. During that conversation, we agreed that the goal of this courtship is to get to know each other and to first and foremost pray for each other if we are God’s gift to each other. Of course I agreed to be courted by a guy who is not only brave enough to lay down his cards, but also firm enough to ask God and discern. He even asked my parents' permission to court me. We set rules and expectations during this courtship like “no best foot forward”, to do our usual activities together like groceries, and to have mentors who will guide us in the process.

After four months of courtship and discernment, we became an official couple on March of 2012. On the first few months of our relationship, we were already discussing marriage. We both knew our end point and so we continued to put God in our relationship. On being together as boyfriend-girlfriend, we also set rules and expectations like to have the same prayer time, that mission (back then when I was a lay missionary) will always comes first and to save our first kiss on the day of our wedding.

Sab and I have a lot of differences and expectations in the relationship, he is the geek-guy while i am the sweet and romantic kind of girl. He's usually not into any kind of celebrations (like on his birthday, he would just prefer to sleep all day) while I'm the one who would like to welcome my birthday at 12-midnight. He usually wants me to just let him know what kind of gifts I want for any occasions, while i would love surprises. But in spite of that, we managed to keep the relationship smooth and easy probably because we have the same values: our love for the Lord and the way we value our families. Also, maybe because both of us knew the end goal of this relationship, which is marriage.

On the 19th of October, we planned to go to Baguio to give ourselves a break from our usual activities. And little did I know that he will eventually pop the question there on the Grotto of Lourdes. No surprises, no gimmicks, just a question if i would want to marry him (with tears), I was a bit shocked and didn’t answer right away and after his 3rd try, I finally said YES!

We got married last May 23, 2015 in Bataan and sealed the marriage with our first kiss!