Why vegans can be maniacally annoying?

Okay vegan fellows… I’m a vegan and I know feeling like Jesus Christ of my era when it’s about animals and environment things. As a truly meat-lover, I’m a sacrificer before I’m a gourmet… However, it is not perceived like that by loads of people.

Our friends, family or co-workers are not used to encounter with a vegan so they’re tend to ask questions, most likely to learn about the new eating behavior that is a lil bit strange. While doing this, sometimes it can be more important to focus on the giving a satisfying respond rather than being polite and establish a nice, sweet bond. That’s why vegans can easily feel like they criticised and even reprimanded.

Alright you sensitive asses, what should we do then?

You are our clever pants and we really really like you… Therefore, when you do not force us to alter what we like or the way we think, it won’t be an issue. Deal.. Some vegans may be recitative and hard to resist or stand their holly (!) life-styles and life-choices… In such that scenario, run away or just chill and think about something sarcastic and say it nicely. If they can’t handle it with the pure humor, then they must be real evils(!) ☺

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