Plag (information network)

Plag was released at 2014 for users who have apple store and android to spread information. It includes Turkish, Germany, Arabic, French, Dutch, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, English, Spanish and Italian languages.

In the application, there is no following or followers. You can come across all of members’ cards. In this way, your information can reach different continent’s countries. Inside of plag, you can share or make comment photos and texts or you can create questionnaire. When you share something, you can see what your plag rate of propagate. When you share a card, the card spread to the users who are closest locationally. And also, when your plag score increase, number of spreading is increase. inside of application, you meet with different plag users’ card. If they attract your attention and you want to other people to see the cards, you should push up the card and help people to see card which you liked it. On the contrary, if you don’t like it, you can push down. Everything depend on your fingers.

Communicating with large mass on Earth is really successful idea to share information. On the other hand, being lack of following can be sad because people can want to reach users who share interesting cards.

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