Instagram for Business

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Is your brand ready to social commerce era?

I have seen so many #instashop comments on Instagram to invite followers directly sales or blog pages. Is it really helpful to increase traffic/sales?

There are some reasons to start s-commerce;

  1. Social Media Passed 2 billion Users

Instagram celebrated its 400 million community in September, 2015. Social networks, especially Instagram, have started to optimise mobile s-commerce channels. Conversely, some of the brands have not been confident about the sales tools in this network, understanding that Instagram is about engagement and relationships. But…

We saw that consumers have responded positively to selling processes and the major social media players have started to improved their s-commerce instruments.

Brands need to prepare their mobile sale platforms with growth in mobile-based internet retailing where consumers can engage with each other and brands.

2. Social Media Marketing

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Social media services act as word-of-mouth marketing because followers want to repeat the information or behaviours in their real lifes when they engage with online interaction, event or suggestion. Also, S-commerce allows online reviews and comments, followers’ trust can be provided easier than other sales platforms. Instagram is one of the most trustable social media platform.

Brand Image

Moreover, Instagram is a great platform to establish a strong brand image and analyse consumer habits rather than other social media platforms. Because, image-based content is suitable for story-telling which is one of the most effective ways of creating a brand.


When brands looked at frequency of visiting social networking sites, they saw that it is almost same to web sites visiting frequency and the trend indicated that it will keep it’s increase.

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3. New trend is Shopping-on-Instagram

Consumers adopted to online shops due to trust of online payment system was improved. Also, strong brand image on Instagram provide a trust for followers, too. Finally, Instagram is the most inspirational social media platform to buy products because of celebrity effect. The combination of trust for payment system, brand and inspire made Instagram shopping a big trend.

Instagram started to allow ads, but still users cannot add basic links. The problem could not stop brands to sell on Instagram, we met some new and tricky ideas.

  1. The first web-based application is . When you see a photo with liketoknow link and then like this photo on Instagram, they will send you an e-mail about the product details.
  2. The second application is which is more direct, and will be beneficial to both bloggers and brands. You can create your own clickable gallery and paste it’s link to Instagram Bio. So, the followers can easily visit the products’ sale page or blog posts in seconds.

Millions of users, suitable marketing enviroment and new web applications allow to social commerce on Instagram, so we can easily understand that why so many brands have focused on Instagram marketing strategies.

What do you think about social commerce on Instagram?

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