CeBIT Australia 2017 — DAY 2

24th May 2017 Tuesday — International Convention Centre, Sydney

Innovators Panel

“Mark Sowerby for President!” is one of the comments posted by one of the audience on Slido which was the Q&A website used during the panel.

Mark Sowerby (a.k.a. Mark 2) is retired at a very young age of 45(?). He is the founder and former Managing Director of Blue Sky Alternative Investments Ltd. This witty and obviously successful entrepreneur advised to “Get people out of their comfort zone which will build their resilience.”

Other quotes from the panelists:

  • “Live and breathe innovation.” — Bridget Loudon
  • “Focus on the demand.” — Claire Mula
  • “Procurement is where innovation dies.” — Brett Adam

When Charles Day asked the panelists what they would do if they were Prime Minister for a day, two have answered that they would “Open the floodgates to immigrants”.

Next Generation Technologists Panel

One core learning that I have gained from CeBIT is from the cape-wearing, confident, & empowering woman named Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen. She enlightened me with the fact that aside from gender diversity, there should be age and culture diversity as well, as this contributes to different perspectives in building our technology.

Other quotes from this Panel can be read from: Learnings from CeBIT

Showfloor Theatre Program:

Analytics at Atlassian and ACS: How Industry Certification Can Position You for Success

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