Learnings from CeBIT Australia 2017

  1. QAs are now being embedded in the team to avoid passing on the problem to another.
  2. Customer is still the core of every businesses. Technology is just the enabler.
  3. Diversity, not only in gender but also in age and culture, is needed in tech development as it provides different perspectives and ways of solving a problem.
  4. C++ and Python for scripting were used to create a robot.
  5. Brain waves are being used to direct a wheelchair which has monitors and sensors.
  6. “Salesforce Effectiveness” is actually a project implemented that aims to enable the correct usage of Salesforce.
  7. “When you do something interesting, interesting things happen.”
  8. Gantt Charts can be used to model customer behaviours which can then help in forecasting.
  9. Unstructured environment helps in learning.
  10. Passion drives success.
  11. Live and breathe innovation.
  12. Business: Focus on the Demand.
  13. “Get people out of their comfort zone which will build their resilience.”
  14. “War for talent is the biggest issue.”
  15. Instead of asking kids to do a presentation, ask them to do an animation.
  16. How to convince a kid to code? Young people solve young people’s problems by designing an app.
  17. Kids become more confident when adults take them seriously.
  18. “It’s about your problem solving skills.”
  19. CS + X = The enablement of X through use of Computer Science
  20. Key skills: Non-routine Problem Solving, Systems Thinking (ability to recognise components)
  21. Franchises have higher success rates.
  22. Pyrmont Ultimo is considered as the Silicon Valley of Australia
  23. “Fail fast and get over it.”
  24. Tap into your Passions:

a. Find your X

b. What are the problems in X?

c. Create solutions for those problems

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