Inner spiral

Part-1 — Inner spiral

At the lowest level of conscious state, one only lives in one’s own mind, for the world around only revolves around one’s self. One’s mind only feeds on information necessary for immediate gratification.
Curiosity remains minimum for the mind is still infant.
Ignorance is never a problem for it is bliss.


Part-2 — Credence

A mind once stretched can never go back to it’s original dimensions. Once you taste knowledge, it becomes addictive. And as is with every addiction, it may eventually lead to despair. A feeling of hopelessness when one realizes there are things one may never know and places one may never see.


Part-3 — Barakah

Continuity of spiritual presence that begins with a higher​ being and flows through oneself

Every once in a while the thirst to understanding the unknown gets to a point where one starts seeking altered states of mind. Talking to any psychonaut (travelers of psychedelic world’s) would reveal that one cannot explain one’s psychedelic adventures as it is incomprehensible to the unaltered mind and yet it all makes complete sense in an altered state. They say you’ll know when you attain enlightenment. I say how do you know that’s all that is there to it.

Hand of God

Final part- Hand of God

The thing about the infinity is that there is always a Next.

Only a fool can achieve everything while the wise never truly make it.

The universe can only function if there is a certain kind of mystery. Things we may never know of, places we may never be to. To understand the infinite you should be able to comprehend something that is slightly more than infinity. But the mind being a product of the infinite, it can only be less than or equal to the same. Consciousness is a state of being aware, which is another way of saying “information transfer”. Whether it be thoughts or emotions, it’s always a result of new information. Now, imagining an omniscient mind is incomprehensible for the very definition of omniscient is “all knowing” and without any new information the mind should cease to exist.

Maybe there is no higher being who is omniscient. Maybe there is and it created us with a mind to create new information, In which case it is no longer omniscient.

Either way, we will never know.