In less than a generation, the GOP has gone from the party of personal responsibility to the party of the system is rigged against you.
What the Hell Just Happened?
Dave Pell

This, I’ve worked in science and computing industries for 25 years now and as I’m sure most of my peers have noticed is that the industry has been full of immigrants and children of immigrants (mostly from poorer countries) for a long time. These people did not sneak in here and steal jobs. They studied and worked hard in fields few American were willing to try. When I hire, easily more than half of the applicants have an immigrant background. I often have to deal with the HB1 Visa process because I cannot find a qualified US Citizen. This is not a question of pay, but of skill. These are the growth jobs and the future of work and mainstream America is either too lazy or uneducated to step up to the challenge.

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