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Patagonia’s Vincent Stanley speaking at B Corp Leadership Development

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

I was fortunate enough to attend the morning keynote session at today’s B Corp Leadership Development.

The keynote speaker in the morning today was Vincent Stanley, Patagonia’s longest serving employee. And Patagonia is of course one of the world’s leading outdoor and sports clothing companies and is synonymous with sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Patagonia are in fact much much more than a clothing company and everything they do is guided by their longstanding mission to “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.”

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Work… It takes up a huge chunk of our lives and it is increasingly demanding more of our time, energy, emotion and loyalty.

Beyond the obvious and necessary paycheck what makes all this effort worth our while? What’s the point / purpose?

For me it is the opportunities work offers to make a difference. To help, grow or transform someone or something and in turn transform myself. A good day is a day where this opportunity has been realised.

Working in marketing I am part of an industry which should, can and often does provide this opportunity. …

Being a purposeful brand

If some brands are failing it’s not because people no longer care about brands in the disrupted digital and hyper connected ecomony. They’re failing because the organisation behind the brand has forgotten its purpose, fogotten about adding value to the world rather than just trying to extract value from it and has forgotten that it is there to serve the customer in everything it does. They’re no longer focussed on making a difference (only a profit).

Purposeful brands are thriving in the disrupted digital and hyper connected economy. They understand who they are and who they’re for, they understand the worldview of their audience and they understand how and where and when their brand can play an active role in culture. …

Being social vs doing social

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Social media is clearly working for some brands – big established brands all the way through to brand new products, ideas and services.

Is it because of the targeting on offer and the efficiencies that accompany it? Or is it because social media (when approached the right way) forces brands to behave in a socially acceptable and desirable way rather than the often antisocial approach marketing can adopt?

Being social is definitely better than doing social.

Being social suggests you bring value to the conversation. It suggests you’re there to give. Whereas doing social suggests you’re there to extract whatever value you can from the conversation. It’s suggests you’re there to take.

People today generally don’t respond well to antisocial takers…

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If people talked to you the way brands talk to you, you would probably demand a restraining order (or download another ad-blocker!)

Yet (most) brands behave as if they are the centre of the universe, they are above the standards and values that many of us hold dear and that they have every right to take what is ours (our data) and still demand more from us (our custom).

The martech and adtech industry has boomed over the last few years, promising silver bullets left right and centre to marketers desperate to make sense of the rapidly changing world. The technology and data is indeed becoming ever more advanced at segmenting audiences into increasingly niche groups. …


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