Make a difference

Being a purposeful brand

If some brands are failing it’s not because people no longer care about brands in the disrupted digital and hyper connected ecomony. They’re failing because the organisation behind the brand has forgotten its purpose, fogotten about adding value to the world rather than just trying to extract value from it and has forgotten that it is there to serve the customer in everything it does. They’re no longer focussed on making a difference (only a profit).

Purposeful brands are thriving in the disrupted digital and hyper connected economy. They understand who they are and who they’re for, they understand the worldview of their audience and they understand how and where and when their brand can play an active role in culture.

Purposeful brands are authentic. They are relavent. And they are timely.

The recent Time Square instillation from Amazon demonstrates all of the above and demonstrates why they are a purposeful brand and why they are so successful. In a world where there is so much hate and negativity there is a real opportunity for brands (and organisations) to be purposeful and to make a real difference.