Journey Update 1: I have gone to the gym almost every day

Note: This is an update to my concept Journey: I am trying to be healthy where I focus on the concept of being healthy and the basics of my lifestyle change and journey. My concept was posted one month ago, and I am one month in my Journey. Today I am going to share updates on what I have done together with changes I have seen in my body and feel.

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One of the core elements of my journey is my change on the way I eat. I have cut the crappy food to a bare minimum, eased off the alcohol, used water as the go-to liquid and try to stay healthy by eating the necessary amount of food. To be fair I have not reached all my goals but this is a start. I have my occasional sweet, cheat meal and of course, alcohol.

But I have done some stuff.…

I have gone to the gym almost every day

Yes, in the morning at 6am. Seems hard? It was the first week, but with the changing of seasons, spring helps you get on your feet. I have been going to the gym sparingly in January and February, but waking up was brutal.

To get me going I needed some simple supplements, a starting routine and a training routine


One can not go to the gym without some Pre-Workout so I have used Gold Standard Pre-Workout by Optimum Nutrition. You can check it’s review here(no affiliate links). If you would ask why I chose this, my answer would be research. Based on my needs, it seems like the best way to go. It has a kick, but believe me, if you have never used it before, it helps so much on working out.

A lot of people opt in for protein — but I will leave that for next months — say 5th or 6th. Till then i will focus on eating not too much food, but just appropriate.


Due to the fact that I have previously been to the gym, there was no need to start it easy. If your case is different take two weeks of easy working out — do some cardio, use all the machines around with light weights, do some easy exercises for the abs and finish up with some more cardio. If you do not know what you are doing, these first two weeks, just ask the gym instructor to introduce you to everything.

Training Routine

One thing was crucial — i focused in using bars and dumbbells rather than machines. This helps a lot on the core. The stronger the core, the easier it is to increase weights. Now, core exercises tend to be a lot more difficult, but if you are like me, trying to elevate from a couch potato to someone that actually is healthy, you better get off that couch. Some exercises were followed by an easy super-set of the same muscle group. I am no expert on the exercises, so I went for the standard ones. Always start off with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill and stretch. Go for easy stretching, but make sure to hit all main muscle groups.

After the end of your workout you should be dripping in sweat. If you are not, then you are not going at it!

The first month of my training routine was through the concept of super-sets and focused into two muscle group per day. This consisted on:

Day 1

Chest & Back — 4 exercises per muscle group x 4 reps per exercise. This is one tough day and it will tire you down. Do not do anymore cardio. Opt in for a hot shower to relax

Day 2

Legs — dead-lifts, squats etc etc

Dead-lifts are the most important— Aim for reps 50. Focus on learning the technique rather than increasing weights. Once you have learned the technique, aim for increasing weights. It is a slow process, but it is the most important of your whole workout. Deadlifting requires concentration so do not rush the reps. You will sweat..a lot.

I based my leanings on Buff Dudes on YouTube. You can check them here on dead-lifting technique and here on the most common mistakes.

Finish up with a bit of cardio, take it easy and slow.

Day 3

Arms — Biceps and Triceps. I am pretty sure that everyone knows how to do arms, but focus on the basics. Make sure to super-set and not use machines. By the end of each arms session, your arms should be extremely tight and in pain. If they are not, you are not doing enough or your weight limit.

Finish up with abs and a lot of cardio — 15–20 minutes of high intensity interval running. Biceps and triceps do not tire your core, you will be fine!

Day 4

Shoulders. Everyone hates them, because they are a small muscle group and results are really slow but if you do not work them out, you will not be able to increase weights in your chest day or even get a proper pull up. Make sure to have at least three different exercises for all the three main muscles of the shoulders — front, middle and back.

Most people, just focus on back shoulder muscles — they are the ones that after get buff can not stay straight. Always, try to do as many exercises as you can standing up.

Finish up with abs and a lot of cardio — 15–20 minutes of high intensity interval running. Shoulders do not tire your core, you will be fine!

Day 5

Chest & back again! This time go light and a lot of reps. Make sure to use a lot of machines. Machine help with isolation exercises — just focus on the specific muscle — we do not want that all the time, just to burn.

Finnish up with abs and some easy cardio.

Day 6

Legs again. This time light and a lot of reps. Always make sure to include dead-lifts.

Finnish up with abs and some easy cardio.

Day 7


I have also cooked my own lunch

Food is crucial. No matter how much I work out, I won’t get fit if I keep on eating like a mad-man. My eating habits required some prep work, which I did on Sunday. Make sure not to cook for one, but for at least two people — it is so much easier.

Here are my prepping techniques:

Steam some broccoli — I like my broccoli a little crunchy, so I just cook them in boiling water for like 3 minutes.

Steam some cauliflower — Same as broccoli above.

Get some spinach going — wash it, and cook it in a skillet until its soft and has no water. Marinate it with some salt and pepper to make things interesting.

Chicken is your favorite protein — There are two ways to tackle it; (a)bake a full chicken in a hot 220 degree oven for like 40 minutes or so, let it chill and rip it apart — remove the skin and bones;(b) focus on just chicken breasts, cook them the way you like. A whole chicken is enough for 4–5 lunches for an adult so just cook two.

Carrots are your friendly snack — get a whole bunch, peel them, clean them and put them in a container.

Eggs are your new breakfast addiction — boil them — just cover them with cold water, bring it to boil, turn off the heat and let it sit there for 12 minutes. Remove from the hot-plate and let it cool.

If you have everything prepped as above, you will be unstoppable!

After prepping my breakfast, lunch and dinner consist on:

Breakfast — boiled egg before working out, Pre-Workout and banana after working out. A freshly squeezed fruit juice if you are feeling a little faint-ish.

Lunch — Mix a bunch of stuff from your prepped work

Dinner — (this is where I mess up) — Ideally some plain yogurt — practically, I usually grab some food and eat out. No matter how healthy my choice is, always comes up with a side of mashed potatoes, a dressed salad and a bit of alcohol.

And my results are:

There are positive results and negative results to be extremely fair. We always start with the bad outcomes so here they are

Negative outcomes

  1. Weekends are really important for my social and mental sanity, so usually this regime deteriorates on my weekends.
  2. Dinners are a weak spot as well. I should focus on taking it easy on the weekends.
  3. I think I need to add more cardio to my program because I do not see the impact that I need
  4. I have a problem with snacks and cakes in the office. People have birthdays, bring cookies, cakes and whatnot — they tend a be a little irresistible when you have a sweet tooth.
  5. Waking up so early impact on your afternoon. Plan to have most of the important stuff in the morning, before lunch.

This is the part that we have all been waiting for. All the sweats and early mornings accumulate to the following…

Positive outcomes

  1. You know the lower back pain from sitting all day? IT’S GONE.
  2. Early morning meetings are the best — and I have the competitive advantage of being fully awake.
  3. I have not lost any weight, but this is strength training, so now all my clothes are back to fitting me. I do not plan to be one of those extremely thin people, so I will keep at it and burn fat by changing it to muscle
  4. I made the mistake of not measuring myself, but on the next post I will have measurements and respective changes. Some say, do not trust the scale, trust the mirror and my mirror looks pretty nice!
  5. I feel a lot better and with a lot of energy, motivated to learn new stuff and with a positive attitude.

See that it is not that bad? How are you doing? Have you started being a little healthy?

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