White privilege is real.
Jason Ford


This is the one topic most of us White folks are not willing to honestly discuss. It’s a shame because it is at the root of our current social and political problems. It’s difficult to get some guys, and gals, to even admit that White privilege exists. I had never even heard the term until the late 80’s when I was just turning 40. I read it in an article by Tim Wise and at first I just dismissed him as a self-hater. But the more I thought about what he had said I realized that I was shooting the messenger. It doesn’t exactly make you feel good that you are the beneficiary of centuries of stupid racial hatred. It doesn’t make you happy to know that your country was founded on the White privilege that produced the genocide of the original inhabitants. It doesn’t make you want to be proud of a country that legalized ownership of other human beings. So White privilege isn’t something that should make you happy and proud. But to a small minority it still does. And a lot of that small minority is in the White House today. They say their targets are Muslim extremists and illegal immigrants but the collateral damage will be poor people in America, most being people of color. Capitalists don’t care about America and America doesn’t care about its poor. So this is a class war for the capitalists and a race war for the American people. All of our social and political institutions are built on, and reinforced with, White privilege. But never in my life time has the White House been so openly racist. And never in my life has the media been so uncritical and unquestioning of the government.