Learning by group discussion

A big theme of this Bootcamp is group learning by discussion. Group discussion and consensus in determining the next logical, optimism in shaping our code. As you can imagine it, this process is often more chaotic than desired.

Growing up in meritocracy Singapore, there’s alway a subtle thought that very often it’s more efficient to leave the decision making to a few wiser individuals. At the start of the camp, this form of learning doesn’t really appeal to the pragmatic side of me. The group often fall into a rabbit hole and the voice of the less vocal is often drowned.

Democracy is a slow and painful process. As, I progressed into the camp I realised that the discussion are getting more efficient and the group was able to derive at optimal code/product when the discussion was led by logical deduction. Of course, it would have been easier to told what to do by the experienced engineers.

However, besides the advantage that self-discovery is very often led to internalisation and better learning. It ensures that the group takes ownership of their decisions.

Democracy might not lead to the right decision all the time but it insures we get the decision we deserve. Now comes my headache on how to share this “experience” with my teammates. :)

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