Why Nexus Cryptocurrency Now?

If you are looking for an established digital currency to invest in with outstanding potential, Nexus (NXS) is one you should consider. Below I explain simply what is happening with the project in the future, and why I believe right now is the time to take a closer look. It is only a matter of time before Bitcoin and Altcoins switch dominance again, and being invested in Nexus now could pay handsomely.

If you have been a Nexus (NXS) Digital Currency follower for any amount of time, you have heard about plans for Satellites, a world-wide ground-based Mesh Networks, and Decentralized Internet. You can safely consider these long term future goals. If you are like the majority of cryptocurrency investors looking for projects to be completed within weeks, you are going to be disappointed.

Nexus is a long term project, and a long term investment. It is going to take a while to get off the ground, so to speak. Why would you want to invest now then?

Colin Cantrell, the creator and lead developer of Nexus, has well defined and very ambitious short term goals. He is not copying the latest crypto buzzwords into Nexus. You won’t hear about implementing Masternodes or the Lightning Network. He is not looking to temporarily patch the problems traditional blockchains are experiencing. Instead, Colin is working on improving the very fundamentals of blockchain technology to create the 3D Chain Nexus will be using in the future.

Colin took a look at the problems now apparent after years of blockchain use, and designed a new advanced chain to address them. For example, the new 3D Chain will improve decentralization by allowing many contributors to the network, using GPU Mining, CPU Mining and Nexus Proof of Stake (nPoS), to participate in the work of creating blocks. It will improve Quantum Security by using larger and more elaborate hashes meshed together in a Merkel Tree to create unalterable locked transactions. Chain bloat will be reduced using a Lower Level Library, making it unnecessary to have the entire chain on your system.

A feature called Trust will deter attacks on the network by rewarding those staking for longer periods of time with more responsibility and greater rewards. Someone maliciously attacking the network would need to devote a large amount of their time, system resources and wealth to the effort.

When you invest in Nexus you are buying into blockchain technology preparing for the challenges of the future found nowhere else.

The quote below is taken from the latest Nexus Newsletter published November 6th, 2017.

“The Dev team has been getting Tritium polished and ready for the Tritium Trust update, finalizing some of the architectures and formulating Nexus’s plans to unlock the 3-Dimensional Chain (3DC) through the TAO framework.”

Tritium is the first of three updates which will all build upon each other. The development is being broken into three “bite-sized” pieces so people can see a clear progression and be able to take advantage of features as they are completed. Anyone following progress on GitHub will see frequent updates in preparation for the Tritium release. The second update is called Amine, and the third will be Obsidian. These three pieces are the components of the TAO update series (Tritium, Amine & Obsidian). Here are the summarized components of each planned release taken from the Nexus Slack channel.

• Tritium — L1 — Trust wallet with transaction level locks using a signature chain.
• Amine — L2 — Improved proof-of-stake trust system and activation of the second tier locking groups.
• Obsidian — L3 — Mining vault where miners contribute directly to Nexus as a distributed pool.

Those definitions are a bit over my head, but for anyone interested in digging deeper into the details I recommend starting with the Nexus Newsletter where you will find links to the latest information, or NexusEarth.com. I also wrote a paper titled The Nexus 3D Chain Simplified if you are looking for a better understanding of how the 3D Chain will work .

In addition to these updates, Nexus now boasts an entire team developing interfaces, working on an improved webpage, designing marketing materials, participating in blockchain conferences, and expanding the Nexus community. The Nexus team has made a conscious decision not to give release dates for their updates, choosing instead to release when the latest changes are fully tested and reliable. This keeps people from being upset about missed deadlines and also keeps the pump and dump groups from taking advantage of Nexus investors by giving them little information to distribute for their personal gains. The Nexus team instead prefers to have the value determined based on the technology available.

The current price of Nexus is up over 18x year to date, and the community has grown exponentially in 2017 thanks in large part to the successful Nexus blockchain conference in September. Next year we are looking for even bigger things.

**Colin Cantrell**

I had the privilege of personally meeting Colin at the conference. He has an infectious laugh and walks with a swagger. He is generous to his friends and the community. He has patience beyond belief when dealing with critics. He is in his mid-twenties and only a few years out of college, but when you talk to him about technology or Nexus you can tell his brain is working on another level. I don’t always understand Colin, and I am not alone, but he is working on explaining in a language the rest of us can understand. In the interview below from June 26, 2017 Colin goes into the history of Nexus in plain English.


I had someone recently tell me Colin comes across as a dreamer when he is speaking. As the son of the co-founder of Vector Space, Jim Cantrell, Colin grew up with a role model literally reaching for the stars. He also had the right programming background. There are many people working with cryptocurrencies today with the ability to read and change code, but without the dreamer’s mentality to look into the future at what will be needed, and without the determination to start working on what may seem to be an overwhelming project. I believe there are times in history when the right person is in the right place at the right time, and this is one of those times.

Colin is also a perfectionist and unwavering in his pursuit of delivering a working application for Nexus to protect the wealth of Nexus holders. He is designing speed and adaptability into the 3D Chain which will allow it to implement additional functionality, such as Smart Contracts, in the future.

I personally trust Colin to deliver on his promises, and I believe Nexus is the future of blockchain technology… for those with patience. Bitcoin was not built in a day, and neither will Nexus be. In the wild world of cryptocurrency, where people expect investments to double monthly, Nexus stands out to me as a currency I can buy into with a long term future where the sky doesn’t even define the limits. I am a cryptocurrency long term holder, and few currencies stand out to me as not trying to constantly satisfy short-term investor’s demands. I like that Nexus is not interested in saying the latest buzzwords such as ‘Masternodes’ and ‘SegWit’ to make the price artificially higher. Instead, I am able to invest in a project actually working to define the future of the technology by creating, not copying.

Quote from Colin Cantrell in the interview linked above (minute 52:20)…

“Now we have an opportunity to do something. Now I can work every day and know I am working for something, not for someone. To know that what I am doing is going to help the world shape itself into the future.”

Thanks for reading. Appreciation is always appreciated…

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